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The Security measures organization in Abidjan and Yamoussoukro meet the same security standards. The measures have to ensure security service 24H/24H with several teams of “Quarter” and different shift. GESTOCI Security Policy is as follows:

• The security of people
• The security of properties
• The security of facilities
The general security policy revolves around three (3) axes:

  • Prevention

This phase is to explain the instructions and safety measures to staff members as well as any person from outside attending our facilities. Clearly, the general and specific rules governing a depot (a highly risky zone such as ours)

  • The Follow-up of work and the implementation of prevention work

This phase is to follow the prescribed manner all work undertaken and to define the rules and safety measures related to finding a strategy to avoid accidents, incidents and fire in the facility.

  • Intervention

It is to implement strategies and scenarios to cope with an incident, accident or fire scale.
To reach the full control of an accidental event, a practical organization is required to the industry in general, and particularly those involved in the fight against fire.
Hence the Internal Operation Plan (POI). The POI is an organization set up to curb a major disaster.