Dépôt TPAV

1- Geographical location
Commissioned in 1983, the Abidjan - Vridi Petroleum Terminal (TPAV) is the main depot of the Société de Gestion des Stocks Pétroliers de Côte d'Ivoire (GESTOCI). It is located on Boulevard de Vridi, in the municipality of Port-Bouèt, Abidjan. Built on an area of 33 ha.

2- Its missions and its organization
The mission of the Abidjan-Vridi Petroleum Terminal (TPAV) is to store the quality and quantity of hydrocarbons in order to constitute security stocks. It also stores petroleum products on behalf of national and non-national private operators and makes petroleum products available for the Yamoussoukro depot. In addition to delivering petroleum products to approved distributors, the TPAV manages and maintains the facilities, equipment and materials required for operation. In terms of organization, the TPAV is one of the four departments of the Operations Department led by Mr. Steven Séka. It is made up of two departments. In this case, the Movements Service and the Transit Service respectively headed by Mr. Dramane Ouattara and Ms. Koromba Fofana. The TPAV is headed by a depot manager in the person of Mamadou Sangaré. As of January 2020, the TPAV workforce was 92 agents in the Movement and Transit departments.

3- A strong storage capacity of 324,400 m3
The Abidjan-Vridi Petroleum Terminal is positioned as one of the largest depots in West Africa with a storage capacity of 324,400 m3.
This storage capacity is broken down into 96,000 m3 in Super Unleaded (SSP), 145,500 m3 in diesel, 27,800 m3 in oil / jet, 13,900 m3 in DDO, 32,900 m3 in fuel oil, 8,000 m3 in gas butane, 1135 m3 in bitumen and 378 m3 in cut back.

4- The stored products and the suppliers
The products stored at the Abidjan-Vridi Petroleum Terminal are varied. These are Super Fuel, Gasoil, Distilate Diesel Oil, Kerosene, Jet A1, Fuel Oil 180, bitumen and butane gas. As for the suppliers of these products, there are the Ivorian Refining Company (SIR), the Multinational Company of Bitumes of Côte d'Ivoire (SMB), the National Company of Petroleum Operations of Côte d'Ivoire (PETROCI) and Trader ( Ship).

5- Authenticated stored products
The Abidjan-Vridi Petroleum Terminal relies on the quality of the products received. Because it only serves good quality to its customers. This is why each product to be received is accompanied by a quality certificate. Then, the teams check the conformity of the information in this certificate with the Ivorian specifications before authorizing reception. In addition, after receipt, the tank is taken for analysis to ensure the good quality of the stored product. Finally, the product is analyzed every week from the loading bins to ensure the good quality of the product served to the customer.

6- A varied clientele
The customers of the Abidjan-Vridi Petroleum Terminal are both national and non-national. However, it is important to clarify that the TPAV does not sell products. It stores them for customers who buy them from SIR, SMB and PETROCI. The TPAV is absolutely capable of satisfying its customers with regard to the very large quantity of products stored.

7- A transparent product removal process
The product collection (refueling) process differs depending on the type of collection. But the most important and frequent is the removal by tanker truck. It is triggered by a collection slip that the customer deposits at the transit service counter. It follows a verification of the conformity of this voucher with the specimen signature, then a verification of the stock, the collection credit and the transit fees. After that, the truck is checked by security to ensure that it is in good condition and does not pose a risk to the facilities. After this step, the order to load the tanker truck is drawn. Then he heads to the loading station for his physical removal. The loading being automated, the loader enters the code of the voucher and the automatons start up until the expected quantity is reached. Afterwards, the operations of marking by SGS (national customers), possible additivation (VIVO, TOTAL) and sealing of the truck are carried out to ensure that the product will not be handled during its journey to the place of delivery. All these operations are carried out under the supervision of the customs present on the site.

8- The quantity of products removed per day and per month

The quantity of products removed per day is about 5,000 m3 while the monthly removal is worth about 90,000 m3.

9- The various installations useful for the proper functioning of the TPAV
Certain installations are essential for the proper functioning of the TPAV. These include, in particular, storage tanks and spheres, pipelines, truck and train loading stations, generators, settling basins for effluent management and the weighbridge.

10- A guaranteed safety and security system
The TPAV has a state-of-the-art security system because our facility is a high-risk enclosure. On our site, there are several electronic access control points equipped with CCTV cameras. A team of GESTOCI security agents, the gendarmerie and private security ensure day and night security on the entire site. As for the means of defense against fires, they are numerous and varied. Among others, the fire van, the sprinkler, the peacock tail, the fixed and mobile cannons, the foam box, the fire pump, the fire network, the foam network and the extinguishers. Not without mentioning the pooling of firefighting resources through the Groupement des Sapeurs-Pompiers Militaires (GSPM) - the SIR - the PORT - PETROCI - GESTOCI.
11- Prospects
The TPAV aims to increase its storage capacities and maintain the warehouse in accordance with international standards through its HSE policy. The automation of all operations with the installation of flowmeter radars to control, control and monitor the quantities of products passing through the depot, is at the heart of future challenges.

12- The results and advantages: the TPAV, a fast, efficient and satisfactory service
The results of TPAV depend on the satisfaction of its customers, one of the factors being the number of complaints that are made. The TPAV records a low rate of complaints per month. Which is encouraging.
As regards the strengths, they are visible through the continuity of service, the dedicated lines, the automation of loading with a flow rate of 122 m3 / h for loading trucks and 90 m3 / h for loading the train. . We also note the loading of more than 170 trucks per day, the connection to the wharves (flow rate of 750 m3 / h), allowing the unloading of 10,000 m3 from a ship in 24 hours.
We do not forget the “Satisfactory” rating obtained by the TPAV, following the JIG 2019 inspection on the Jet Al (Aviation fuel).


Mamadou Sangaré

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