The question of JIG inspections at GESTOCI began in 2013 with the development of the BCP (business continuity plan) in HRS aviation depots, belonging to multinationals (CORLAY, OLA ENERGY, TOTAL, VIVO ENERGY). It is clear from this plan that the GESTOCI Abidjan depot is the alternative to the SPCI depots to supply the airport, if necessary.
From 2014 to 2016, there were annual visits to the GESTOCI depot by JIG inspectors. During these visits, the inspectors raised awareness of good practices relating to Jet A1 operations, given the sensitivity of the product. It is from 2017 that GESTOCI has been subject to JIG inspection.


The scores likely to be obtained at the end of an inspection are as follows:


Used when the following criteria are met:

  • No open recommendations from the previous JIG inspection report that are not under the control of the depot;
  • No new critical recommendations;
  • The new recommendations are of a minor type and do not affect the entire organization;
    Evidence of good HSE performance.


There are no deviations on Quality control and HSE issues. The previous recommendations have been effectively closed with clear action plans, in order to avoid their reopening.

"Less Than Satisfactory"

Operations show signs of failure to meet Quality and HSE standards. Recommendations from previous inspections have not been closed effectively or the attitude of the management shows that the quality of the services will deteriorate rather than improve.

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