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Human Resources Policy

GESTOCI puts its staff in the heart of performance. Our policy focuses on the recognition and appreciation of women and men.

This policy follows careful steps and stages accordingly:
Recruitment: with an approach that detects profiles in line with our needs, to take over and support our recruits to their integration.

Salary: with a system of incentives and the workers’ sharing of the company’s profits.

Skills development: this represents a priority for us and it is enhanced through:
- Training: we continuously strive to improve knowledge and skills of our staff.
-   Implementation of our system of assessment and our career profile: we are making social responsibility, a shared responsibility by enabling the worker to be an actor in his own development and by giving him the opportunity to progress.

Health and welfare: with a medical and social care scheme for workers and their families, and support to the CHSCT, to the AIDS Committee and Sports Committee.

Social dialogue: by encouraging the emergence of constituent bodies (staff representative, mutual insurance, women union ....) and by giving them our support.

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