| FIRE: GESTOCI satisfied with its safety and alert system.

Intervention du camion incendie GNONKLAHA

The General Directorate of the Côte d'Ivoire Oil Stock Management Company “GESTOCI” expressed, on October 6, 2021 in Abidjan, its pride in the effectiveness of its security and warning system, aimed at protecting its facilities. This was following the annual fire drill on the Abidjan Vridi facilities, to test its Internal Operation Plan "POI". "It was about gauging the reaction capacity of our security elements in the event of a disaster (fire, assault and sabotage) and seeing the reliability of the installations and their functioning. We are completely satisfied with this exercise ", rejoiced DG Ibrahima Doumbia at the end of the simulation.
 Ibrahima Doumbia praised the effectiveness of the alarm points, the good performance of the intervention resources, the responsiveness of the intervention teams and the prompt reaction of the security system which made this operation a resounding success.
The operation began with an exchange of fire between the gendarmerie and a group of armed individuals. Immediately, the guards of the first barrier informed the "PCI" Fire Command Post of the situation. It is then up to GESTOCI's services to be alerted for three fires that have started on their facilities. One on the roof of BAC B33 (product reception bin), the other at the counting station and the last on a gas cylinder truck parked on the SIR-GESTOCI common route. This danger on the site leads management to trigger the POI, taking care to cordon off the perimeter and evacuate non-essential personnel.
GESTOCI's internal emergency services immediately set in motion to overcome the fires. They are assisted by their partners, in particular the Ivorian Refining Company (SIR), PETROCI, the Group of military firefighters (GSPM), the national gendarmerie, the national police, the Ivorian anti-pollution center (CIAPOL), the Service of Emergency Medical Aid (SAMU), the port security group and the National Civil Protection Office (ONPC).
After a fierce struggle, the teams managed to put out the fires. The provisional toll shows material damage, but no loss of human life has been reported. However, a gunshot wounded victim was evacuated to hospital. His vital prognosis is not threatened, according to the GESTOCI medical team.


IAt the end of the maneuver, the sinister nature did not affect the operation of the facilities. Consequently, the Director General called for the resumption of activities in the coming hours. He urged the populations to go about their business again.
This simulation operation essentially consisted of the human and material organization necessary for crisis management in accordance with interministerial instruction n ° 070 / INT / PC of 13 May 1994 relating to the organization of emergency services, in the event of a technological disaster. in hydrocarbon and chemical installations.





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